ASC-400 Multifunction Calibrator


Our Multifunction Process Calibrator combines all your favorite features such as % error calculation, scaling, leak-testing, and switch calibrating into one multifunction process calibrator.

• Large full color display
• Advanced Simplicity user interface
• Simultaneous read-back and fast RTD simulation
• Connect an RTD to use as a high accuracy thermometer using “True Ohm” technology
• Full numerical keypad with cursor and function keys
• Recall saved tasks for both upper & lower windows
• Fuseless Protection
• Inputs for Thermocouple Calibration

The multifunctions of the ASC-400 include:

• Read and source RTD, Thermocouple, Current, Voltage, Frequency, Resistance, and Pulse Train Output
• Calibrate gauge or absolute pressure when combined with an APM CPF pressure module
• Calibrate temperature when combined with a dry block calibrator

ASC-400Multi-function Signal Calibrator with standard accessories
BAROModule – Converts gauge pressure measurement to the absolute scale. To read pressure with the ASC-400, you will also need an APM advanced pressure module.
HISO17025 Accredited Certificate
AExternal Power Supply & Charger
BRechargeable Battery Pack & Charger
CLarge Padded Soft Carrying Case with Shoulder Strap
TPT100 Temperature Sensor
128108PT100 Probe with 4 Banana Plugs (with traceable calibration certificate from -40 to 150°C)
121983 Extension Cable for Type K – 5 meters
122523Extension Cable for Type N – 5 meters
120519Thermocouple Male Plug – Type Cu-Cu – White
120518 Thermocouple Male Plug – Type R / S – Green
120517Thermocouple Male Plug – Type K – Yellow
120516 Thermocouple Male Plug – Type J – Black
120515Thermocouple Male Plug – Type T – Blue
120514Thermocouple Male Plug – Type N – Orange
2206011Thermocouple Plug + K wire + Alligator Clips
2206012Thermocouple Plug + T wire + Alligator Clips
128859 Set of six AA rechargeable batteries
124720External Power Supply / Charger – 230VAC/115VAC
65-PT100-LB-CABLE2 m (6.6 ft) cable with LEMO / Banana connector
104203Test Leads with Black and Red Clips
128847Cable for USB mini (included)