RK Deadweight Tester


The RK floating ball type pneumatic dead weight tester is engineered to offer user-friendly, safe operation. The easy-to-use primary standard provides reliable and accurate pressure measurement in the field, or in a lab.

• Accuracy to 0.015% of reading
• Ranges to 300 psi
• Available in psi, kg/cm², bar, kPa, inH₂O, cmH₂O, and inHg
• Small incremental weight sets provide fractional output pressure

Featuring a self-regulating design, that allows automatic stabilization of weights, eliminating the need to adjust input pressure. 

• Rugged ceramic measuring ball
• Overhung weight carrier reduces side thrust and friction
• Quick-leveling system for field use
• Optional Tripod

Local gravity and standard gravity (980.665 gals) versions available.

-1A/C ± 0.015% of reading with data
PK2-20-SS 1 to 20 psi
PK2-30-SS 1 to 30 psi
PK2-2000GM-SS 25 to 2000 g/cm²
PK2-2010GM-SS 10 to 2000 g/cm²
PK2-700MB-SS 10 to 700 mbar
PK2-2B-SS 0.02 to 2 bar 0.02 bar
PK2-2B.01-SS 0.01 to 1 bar 0.005 bar
PK2-200N-SS 2 to 200 kPa
PK2-201N-SS 1 to 200 kPa
PK2-250WC-SS 10 to 250 inH₂O
PK2-304WC-SS* 4 to 304 inH₂O
PK2-404WC-SS* 4 to 404 inH₂O
PK2-650WC-SS 10 to 650 inH₂O
A Without inputs
B Includes Reference Sensor and Sensor Under Test Inputs
C Includes Reference Sensor Inputs
115115VAC Power Supply
230230VAC Power Supply
Power9 Different Mains Power Cable Types
InsertsUndrilled, Single Hole, and Multi Hole Options available
U1Complete functionality package with work orders, full sensor-under-test types, and engineering units. (B models only)
R1External STS-102 Reference Sensor, 4mm diameter, 30mm length (RTC-156, 157, & 158 and PTC-155)
R11External STS-150 Reference Sensor, 4mm diameter, 180mm length (PTC-155)
R12External STS-150 Reference Sensor, 4mm diameter, 165mm length (PTC-350)
R13External STS-150 Reference Sensor, 4mm diameter, 201mm length (PTC-660)
R16External STS-150 Reference Sensor, 4mm diameter, 192mm length (PTC-125)
FTraceable certificate
HISO17025 Accredited Certificate
EAFull EURAMET Accredited ISO17025 Certificate
FSSystem Calibration – Traceable Certificate to International Standards
HSSystem Calibration – Accredited ISO17025 Certificate
EASSystem Calibration – Full EURAMET Accredited ISO17025 Certificate (B&C models only)
CXSolid Protective Carrying Case
CTSolid Protective Carrying Case with Trolley
SRSupport Rod Set
CRSolid Protective Carrying Case & Support Rod Set
TRSolid Protective Carrying Case with Trolley & Support Rod Set
K-1082 Tubing kit – two 30 in (76.2 cm) sections with ¼” NPT female x ¼” NPT female adapter)
K-1562 Tripod
K-1274 Carrying case without handle (included)
K-1564Carrying case handle
1GT-99 Gauge Pointer Puller Set
MPF-1/4TBM 1/4 Tube Adapter to CPF Fitting Line
MPH-1 1 Meter CPF Hose (additional sizes available)
KWS-PK-.1PSI Aluminum Weight Set - 0.1 psi increments
KWS-PK-0.1WC Aluminum Weight Set - 0.1 inH₂O increments

Data Sheets
RK Datasheet

RK Manual